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We don't just talk ideas
We make them come alive

Responsive modern websites

Optimised for desktops, mobiles, tables. E-Commerce solutions. payment systems. We will make them all for you. And we will make them fast.

Mobile apps experts

Web apps, native apps. Android, IOS, Embedded. You tell us what you need and we will choose best technology for you.

Integrated custom software

PHP, Java, Ajax, Node.js, Python etc. We write and talk these languages fluently. And more. We will choose the best tool for your needs.


The place your website, email and systems are going to be located is important. We will help you to chose the right address in the Internet avenues and location of your data that is safe and robust.

Internet of Things

Reading sensors, writing software for microprocessors and making sense of machine data is what we do every day. Geo location,  beacons, making your thermometer and coffee maker talk to the internet, yes, we can help you with that.


All these hard earn dollars you are about to invest into technology should work for you. We will help you plan campaigns across Google, Social Media and traditional channels and give you tools and procedures to measure their efficiency.


Our Team

No matter where your company is located, we can connect with you. We are a team of experts but more importantly we are passionate about technology and its impact on our customers' business. We are spread between Middle East and Europe, but we have a proven track of helping customers in Europe, Middle East, Americas and across Asia. Technology has taken the last standing communication barriers down. 

Case studies

A tiny snapshot of how we helped our customers. Please reach out to us directly in case you have questions about experience or references in specific field or industry.

The Y Project

The Y Project is a prominent content and marketing agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We worked together on building efficient internet presence. From building a responsive, highly performing website to planning, organizing and deploying hosting resources and entire systems integration.

Cubaneo - Salsa in Dubai

Cubaneo is a an authentic latin dance school in Dubai. We designed and built the site and assisted in integrating it with entire corporate marketing strategy.

Municipality of Chorzow

Municipality of Chorzow, Poland is a government customer that we worked together on preparing an environment of city web portal integrated with numerous external systems like weather stations, CCTV real time streaming, document management systems and hosting infrastructure for underlying systems.

Park of Silesia

Park of Silesia is a government owned entity that represents one of the biggest green areas in Central Europe. We worked with numerous commercial and non-commercial subentities designing and deploying systems within e-commerce (ticketing, payment systems integration), web portal, event systems and maintaining entire hosting infrastructure.

Drone of Silesia

Real time streaming platform for Park of Silesia optimized for 50 concurrent users embedded with a sculpture and background hosting and multiplexing infrastructure.

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